Pontas Ultrassônicas Orange Point

The ultrasonic tips are surgical instruments designed to perform osteotomies and wearing of stiffened bones and tissues.


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The Orange Point Ultrasonic Tips come in different shapes and sizes, curved or angled, sheared or diamond-plated, they preserve the anatomical structures and the soft tissues of the patient. They are coated with Yellow Coating, assuring a better performance of the tools.

Their use ranges from maxillo facial surgery, implantology, periodontics and orthodontics. They were designed to be used in surgical locations that are hard to access. They are packed and sterilized individually, and for single use.

- Cutting of bones
- Cutting of hard tissue
- Bone scrapping
- Bone wearing

Orange Point DL1 - Maxillary sinus membrane stripper (cone compressor)
Orange Point DP1 – Scarifier for bone surgery (tip with spatula border with 3 sides)
Orange Point DT1 - - Scarifier diamond-coated tip (with spatula border)
Orange Point DT5 – Diamond-coated tip for lifting (spherical)
Orange Point DT6 – Tip for bone surgery (conical cut, 5 dents)
Orange Point DT7 – Tip for bone surgery (parallel cut, high efficiency, position markup)
Orange Point DT8L – Tip for bone surgery (cut to the left, conical, 5 dents)
Orange Point DT8R - Tip for bone surgery (cut to the right, conical, 5 dents)
Orange Point DP5A – Diamond-coated tip (surgical finishing)