Rebuild - Template para Cranioplastia

The template for Cranioplasty is developed in a completely customized way, allowing the precise modelling from the CT and MRI scans.


Column and Skull


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The modeling allows the creation of a high-quality prosthesis and with an excellent aesthetic result for an accurate marginal adaptation.

1. Planning: Analysis of the CT scan and conception of the 3D project to develop the template and prosthesis.
2. Tests: Template production and fitting test of the temporary prosthesis to analyze the precision.
3. Modeling: Production of male and female for the final prosthesis confection in acrylic cement.

• Ease: Templates help surgical programming and simulation, and also the creation of accurate prosthesis.
• Time: Reduction of the surgical time with higher predictability related to the cases of extensive cranial reconstruction.
• Assurance: It allows the reconstruction of the skull, evidencing the actual proportions of bone failure.